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Thoughtprint Press
(March 13, 2012)
Paperback: 590 pages



This section contains my additional follow-up investigation from 2003-2009 related to the Black Dahlia Avenger and LA Lone Woman Murders. Some of this information is included in the two updated chapters of BDA found in the HarperCollins July 2006 edition. However, much of this information is new since 2006 and can be found only in these FAQs. For those who want a complete updating of all information I would recommend you simply read the FAQs from 1-82 in order and at your leisure. (They now total over 300 pages with dozens of photographs and charts.)

There are three ways to use the FAQs. First, you can read them sequentially—click here for a list of all FAQs in PDF format. Second, you can click on the categories below for related subjects. Third, you can simply scroll down to see the entire list of categories and topics. The individual topics are linked to documents in PDF format. For example, in the "Elizabeth Short" category, you'll see a topic called "Facial Photos," followed by "6.2". That means the topic is addressed in the second question of FAQ#6—just click the link 6.2 to read the associated PDF file. Also, while all of the entries were written after the publication of Black Dahlia Avenger, entries particularly critical to the post-publication investigation are highlighted in red.